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Carpet Cleaning

Friday, February 1st, 2013

The absolute truth about proper carpet cleaning is that it takes special tools in order to perform any amount of deep cleaning for carpets. The fabric floor covering that you select to complement the other features of your house is an investment that requires proper attention. The problem is in knowing where to look for the proper tools. The majority of people that have carpeting in their house have been duped into believing that they have purchased the right equipment when in fact their last vacuum cleaner purchase was akin to writing a blank check and tossing it out the window.

Stop and consider for a moment how much money the carpeting cost to have installed. Brand new carpet can cost thousands of dollars; depending on the size of the area being carpeted in can even stretch into the tens of thousands of dollars. An investment of this nature cannot be cared for properly with a vacuum cleaner alone and it definitely cannot be done with a machine that costs less than $1,000.00 to purchase. Sounds like a lot of money to spend on cleaning carpet but if you want it done correctly and in a fashion that will protect your investment for several decades or generations then it is extremely necessary.

The equipment that is needed to perform this type of deep cleaning is not sold in stores. The effective carpet cleaning systems are offered in door to door sales by a few high end manufacturers of this type of equipment. The prices normally range in the one to three thousand dollar range; however these types of systems will last for several generations and can be passed down from one family member to another, saving you more money in the long run by eliminating the need to replace the carpet or the system used to clean it.

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How to get rid of mice in your home

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Mice are rodents, which very often become unexpected guests in your basement, attic, and even in your kitchen or closets. If they are hungry they are able to eat up not only any kind of food, but also a nylon blouse, a coat, or a sweater.


Don't look at me!!!

Mice are sensitive to smells, and they do not like many of odors which we are familiar with. Hanging sachets of lavender in the closets, you may discourage the pest from visiting and entering those places. They also don’t like the smell of wild mint and fresh green leaves of tomatoes. In the cupboard you can put slices of lemons on a plate (more rotted, it will better deter rodents).

The first step to get rid of these pests is to secure all possible ways by which the mouse could get to your house. Therefore, we need to patch cracks and crevices in the walls and floor slats and check the window and doors frames, and entrance doors.

Commonly used “poisoned grain cereals” and other ready-made preparations are certainly effective, but as strong toxic chemicals, pose a serious threat to small children and pets. Therefore, if there are children at home if we have a cat or a dog, does not leave those poisoned meal! In the places, where rodents are met most frequently, traditional trap with a piece of cheese, bacon and even a few grains of sunflower seeds should be enough.

The sensitive nose of rodent warns him against any the danger, so after each trapped mouse, you have to scrub the trap thoroughly, or even pour boiling water on it. Mechanical traps are generally very effective, and unless we put an attractive bait is almost certain that within a few hours a mouse will be caught up. From my own experience with mice I know that they never show up alone so if you catch one of them is obvious that it is still at least one around.

Using chemicals we must not forget about the food security. If you find a dead mice or mouse droppings in a cabinet or on the floor they should be immediately sweep and if possible burn out. Remember that throwing them in the trash, we can poison birds and domestic animals.