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Cleaning the Evaporator and Condenser Units for Your Central Air

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Even though central air is largely maintained by professional technicians, as a homeowner, there are steps you can take to maintaining your own equipment. Find out how you can maintain your evaporator and condenser units, helping them run better for longer.

If you have central air in your house, maintaining it is the best way to prevent outrageous service/repair tickets in the future. There are certain things you can do to prolong the effectiveness of your central air units.

The Evaporator – This unit will be inside your house. You should strive to clean this once a year. You might have to remove foil-wrapping insulation to get to the access plate. With a screwdriver, remove the access plate. Inside, there will be a condensation tray beneath the evaporator unit. You’ll need a stiff brush to clean the underside of the unit. To clean the tray, use a mixture of bleach and water. It’ll help prevent fungus and mildew growth. In cases of extreme humidity, check the condensation tray frequently. If there is too much moisture, or tray is full of water, the drain line might be clogged. You can clear it out with condensed air, or a piece of wire.

The Condenser – This is the outside unit. You can maintain it by keeping the area around it free from grass or weeds. These could potentially inhibit airflow. You’ll need commercial coil cleaner to clean your condenser. Make sure you follow the instructions for the cleaner use. Unlike a stiff brush with the evaporator, you’ll need a soft brush to clean the condenser fins. The fins are very thin and delicate. Using a water hose can compact mud between the fins and be counterproductive. It can also damage your fins. Do not clean your condenser with a water hose.

If do your part to maintain your units, you’ll find yourself getting more use out of them, as well as making service calls less. Chris K. Widar Air Duct Cleaning Services

Cleaning Supplies

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

There are a number of cleaning supplies you will need in order to get a clean house. Bathrooms, kitchens and windows all need different supplies in order to get them clean.


samples_06In the bathroom, you will need a good bleach or bleach alternative cleaner. If your fixtures are white, then it will be safe to use bleach on most of the fixtures in order to kill the germs that accumulate in the bathroom. Bleach or bleach alternative will also make your fixtures sparkle like new and smell clean and fresh when you are finished.


samples_10A clean kitchen needs a good degreaser in order to get it fully clean. Just like any room in the house, the kitchen gets dusty every day. However, when you start cooking, this dust will get greasy and heavy and cling to the surface of your kitchen appliances. This greasy mess can be difficult to clean with most cleaners. You will need a product that degreases while it cleans. Around the stove can be particularly greasy and dirty. While cooking, pots and pans may overflow and spill over onto the counter top. This mess is then baked on by the heat involved in cooking. You may need to soak the mess in the degreasing solution in order to get it fully clean. Cleaning a greasy mess is difficult, but needs to be cleaned up as soon as possible in order to avoid damaging or staining the surface of your stove.


samples_01Windows need to be cleaned as often as every week in some cases. You will need a good lint free cloth and a cleaner that contains ammonia in order to avoid unsightly streaks on the glass. It is best to clean a window when it is cool so that the cleaner doesn’t dry before you get a chance to wipe it off first. This will help prevent streaks and spots from forming. Depending on how dirty the windows are, you may want to hose them off first to remove some of the dirt. This will make the job easier when there is less dirt on the pane.

Making sure you have the right tools for the job, makes cleaning of various places quick and simple. Cleaning Services Chicago

Cleaning Products to make your work better and easier!

Monday, September 24th, 2012

For cleaning thoroughly, cleaning products are an essential naturally. However, there is a difficulty in finding the most inexpensive, and easily available cleaning products on the wider Internet. Cleaning is a process of removing stains, soil and all those unwanted microorganisms from surfaces and returning it to its original condition. Cleaning is essential in our daily lives, and cannot be done properly until and unless, with concentration and various tools. Thus, we will talk about the cleaning products for each of the rooms.


Starting with the kitchen, particularly dish washing. Dishes are washed over hundreds of times in most homes, yet they still look rough and dull. A kitchen looks impressive only when the utensils are sparkling like a brand new one. Dishwashing from the hand does sound a little outdated, but the spark that hand washing gives is hardly comparable to dishwashers and such machines. Dishwashing detergents are delicate and much safer for some utensils for cleaning. However, automatic dishwashing detergents are designed to be safe and can wipe away the greases and sticky clays on the dishes, from the last night’s pizza party.


Moving over to the bathroom, that has stubborn stains & smell, lasting for over years. The toilets are used more than five times a day, thus they ought to get awfully dirty. It contains a variety of bacteria and microorganisms that apart from being very harmful, makes your bathroom their forever dwelling. The toilet bowl cleaners have made lives easier and less painful than hand cleaning. They are found in liquids, foams, tablets and powders even. These products maintain the fragrance, kill the germs and keep the bowl as clean as ever.

Another most important stuff, that needs to be kept clean, is the carpets. The carpet cleaning product exists in variable ways, from liquids and pump sprays to aerosols designed to wet and clean the carpet without damaging even a little. Such, the solvents aid in removing the greasy stains and certain soils.

Upholstered Furniture Cleaning

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Upholstery should be cleaned frequently to avoid soiling, otherwise may expect a costly replacement. There are lots of products, such as “Rug Doctor”, not only to clean the carpets, but to clean and refresh the grimy upholstery. We use them according to the instruction stated on the packaging. But sometimes you need to take care of the upholstery different way.

Corduroy, velvet upholstery - wipe it using denaturated spirits or water with ammonia. In any case, must necessarily be careful not to introduce excessive moisture to the interior furniture. Cleaning velvet, be sure to perform the operation three times: for the first time - in accordance with the direction of the hair, the second time - the hair and the third - with the hair.

Mixed fabric upholstery (with man-made fibers) can be cleaned with warm bran. Heated in oven wheat bran should be spill out on the surface of the furniture and wipe by hand, lightly pressing on dirtier areas. Leave them for 10-15 min. and clean it using a vacuum cleaner or a small broom.

Old silk upholstery is very soft, such as embroidery, not suitable for cleaning, You can only slightly dust dirty spots.