A Guide for Cleaning Doors

July 15th, 2009

First of all, you need to take a soft, dry cloth, wipe up any spots on the doors and vacuum the hinges. Clean the doors with warm, soapy water starting from the bottom. Rinse with clear, cool water and the sponge but this time you need to start from the top of the door. The fingerprints and all stains what are hard to remove, you can treat with the raw potato.

Squeaking door hinges may be noisy for several reasons but the best way to fix it is to make a solution of the kitchen oil and the graphite form the pencil. Lift the door about one inch and grease the hinges.

Cleaning and maintenance of the refrigerator

June 19th, 2009

How to clean a fridge

How to clean a fridge

The fridge became the “first-aid” appliance and it is integral part of the kitchen. If we want it to work properly, we need to defrost and clean it at least twice a year. It is not only ice removal ( new fridges have self-defrosting system) but mostly to get rid of unpleasant smells, dirt and all bacteria. Check the condition of your refrigerator. If you think that it is time to clean it, follow the instruction listed below or hire the professional Chicago maid service who could save your valuable time.

We definitely start with unplugging the fridge. Then we need to remove all products, drawers, shelves and leave the door wide open. Products should be wrapped in paper to keep the low temperature as long as possible. If you have a second fridge, remember to check what can be kept in the fridge and what we can put into the freezer. Shelves and drawers need to be cleaned by warm, soapy water, then rinsing and drying. It is not recommended to remove the ice using any sharp tools like a knife or a screwdriver because it easy to scratch and damage the interior. Don’t put any pot with boiling water or a hot iron!! The fridge must defrost by itself and we can only pour out the water.

After defrosting, we start cleaning the fridge interior by using warm, soapy water with soda ( four tablespoons of soda per one gallon of water) and soft cloth. Then we rinse with clean warm, water and then dry. Traces of mold on the walls of the refrigerator we need to clean with dish soap or water with vinegar ( ten teaspoons of vinegar per one gallon of water), then rinse and dry. Any scouring powders for sink cleaning is not recommended to use.

Next step it to wipe out the fully unfrozen fridge with alcohol damp cloth and wait until the fridge gets rid of the unpleasant smells. After that we can put back products on the shelves and drawers. Do not plug in the fridge if it is still moist. The wet parts could freeze up in the fridge and the whole process should be repeated.

Window Cleaning

June 7th, 2009

Crystal-clear windows

Crystal-clear windows

Using a wet sponge with soap water we need to wipe out the window and frames. It is important to keep the sponge cleaned and change the water very often. When we cleaned all dirty spots, we need to rinse the window also using a sponge and then wipe out thoroughly with a dry soft rag.

Almost every housewife has her own favorite method of cleaning window screens. Some of them use water with detergents, then rinse the screens and wipe them out with a soft rag. Some clean them using paper towels and special cleaning product like Windex with ammonia D. Very popular and effective way is to clean the windows with vinegar and water. Every method is probably good if our windows look crystal-clear without streaks.

If we need to remove paint from the window it is better to use a sharp razor but we should be very careful not to scratch the glass. This method is very effective but a full attention is required. When the glass breaks and it is no way to replace it very quickly we can use the liquid glass to fill the gaps. It helps to keep all broken parts together.

The frosted glass door inside the house should to be cleaned with warm water and vinegar in proportion of 2:1 ( 2water : vinegar). Using a soft rag we wipe out the glass and immediately rinse and dry.

How to vacuum and clean ceiling

May 21st, 2009

During cleaning walls and ceiling important thing is to prepare the proper rag, which collects dust, and not move it from place to place. You need to use the soft rag, wash it and after rinsing with water you should put it into the water with the addition of glycerol ( two table spoons of glycerol and four cups of water). Squeeze it and leave it to dry up.

Use this rag to wrap the rubber brush and sweep the ceiling in a direction perpendicular to the window. In this way - if any traces of the sweeping will be less visible.

If you find out that the paint on the ceiling starts to peel, don’t panic and don’t call the painters. Let’s try to deal with this evil itself first. In this case you need to prepare the alum solution ( five table spoons of alum and four cups of water ) and immerse the painting roller and drag it around the ceiling.

Apartments in older houses may have some ceilings decorated with molding, where the dust settling. Put the solution of the potato slurry with cold water, and after drying, gently clean with soft brush. If molding is not very dirty, just clean up using vacuum cleaner with a small round brush.

Upholstered Furniture Cleaning

March 30th, 2009

Upholstery should be cleaned frequently to avoid soiling, otherwise may expect a costly replacement. There are lots of products, such as “Rug Doctor”, not only to clean the carpets, but to clean and refresh the grimy upholstery. We use them according to the instruction stated on the packaging. But sometimes you need to take care of the upholstery different way.

Corduroy, velvet upholstery - wipe it using denaturated spirits or water with ammonia. In any case, must necessarily be careful not to introduce excessive moisture to the interior furniture. Cleaning velvet, be sure to perform the operation three times: for the first time - in accordance with the direction of the hair, the second time - the hair and the third - with the hair.

Mixed fabric upholstery (with man-made fibers) can be cleaned with warm bran. Heated in oven wheat bran should be spill out on the surface of the furniture and wipe by hand, lightly pressing on dirtier areas. Leave them for 10-15 min. and clean it using a vacuum cleaner or a small broom.

Old silk upholstery is very soft, such as embroidery, not suitable for cleaning, You can only slightly dust dirty spots.