Cleaning the Bathroom

It’s a job nobody likes doing.  Cleaning the bathroom is always the least favorite room to clean. There’s always a mess, it never seems to be completely clean and it never stays clean for long.  Here are a few tips to make cleaning the bathroom a bit easier and

Make sure that your sink stays cleaner longer by following these easy steps daily.  After you and your family are done brushing your teeth, wipe down the sink with a damp cloth.  Wipe the fixtures to keep toothpaste and soap scum from building up and becoming a bigger mess later.

The shower is another place where the daily use can cause messes to build up quickly.  After the last shower of the day, dry the sides of the shower enclosure with a squeegee in order to keep hard water from causing spots and stains.  Keep a sponge in the shower to wipe down tiles and fixtures while you are in there.  The steam from the shower will help loosen dirt and grime that builds up.  Clean the tiles weekly with a tile cleaner from the store.  Keep a bottle in the shower for you to use once a week to keep the tiles shiny.

Cleaning the toilet is probably the last chore anyone wants to do.  However, there are quite a few ways to clean it without even touching it.  Clean it while you are out of the house by pouring bleach in there.  When you return, the bowl will be clean.  Use a half gallon of white vinegar once a month to keep a ring from forming in the toilet bowl.  You can also pour baking soda down the drain weekly to avoid odor buildup and keep it from clogging.

Don’t forget to disinfect everything in the bathroom on a regular basis.  Use a disinfectant spray or solution in order to kill any germs that may be lingering.  Remember to always disinfect door knobs, light switches, faucet handles, shower door handles and toilet flush levers or buttons.  This is the most common ways that germs are transmitted between family members.

Cleaning the bathroom is easier when you don’t let it get too dirty to begin with.  Doing these small cleaning chores occasionally during the week can keep your bathroom looking and smelling fresh and clean with minimal effort.

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