Cleaning the Electronic Devices in Your Home

It seems that the computer screen and television are magnets for all the dust in your home.  No matter how often you dust, there always seems to be more dust collecting on these surfaces.  Dust can be a killer of your electronics, building up on the fans causing them to slow down.  Your computer can then overheat and be ruined.  Before you attempt cleaning any of your electronic items, you should consult your manual for the manufacturer’s suggestions.  Below are some general cleaning guidelines for most electronic devices you may have.


First, never spray any cleaner directly onto a screen.  Always spray or apply the cleaner to a cloth first so that there is no possibility of anything dripping into your device.  Make sure the screen you are going to clean is off and cool.  Extremely fragile surfaces can crack when a cold spray is applied, so it’s always best to let the screen cool down first before cleaning.  Use a microfiber or lint free cloth, not paper towels.  Paper towels can be too scratchy and damage screen surfaces.  Use an ammonia free or alcohol based cleaner to remove fingerprints and dust.  Move the cloth in a circular motion so as to not scratch the surface.

Keyboards and Keypads

These items can get dirty fast and cleaning them can be tricky.  Cleaning can be difficult because you want to avoid allowing any of the cleaner getting between the keys or seeping into the cracks.  Start cleaning a keyboard by unplugging it or turning it off first.  You can then gently tap it to remove any crumbs or dirt that is inside.  Use the crevice tool on your vacuum cleaner to remove any items that don’t want to come out easily.  You can then clean the surface with an alcohol based cleaner.  Use a cotton swab to get in between the keys and wipe the surface with a clean cloth dampened with the same alcohol based cleaner.  This should remove most of the surface dirt.  Follow the same procedure for cleaning the surface of your cellphone’s keypad.  Dampen a cotton swab or cloth and gently wipe the surface only.  Don’t try to remove any faceplates or top pieces as this will void most warranties.

Keeping your electronics clean should be a quick and easy task.  A weekly wipe down should be all they need to remove most of the surface dirt and grime that can build up with everyday use.

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