Window Cleaning

Crystal-clear windows

Crystal-clear windows

Using a wet sponge with soap water we need to wipe out the window and frames. It is important to keep the sponge cleaned and change the water very often. When we cleaned all dirty spots, we need to rinse the window also using a sponge and then wipe out thoroughly with a dry soft rag.

Almost every housewife has her own favorite method of cleaning window screens. Some of them use water with detergents, then rinse the screens and wipe them out with a soft rag. Some clean them using paper towels and special cleaning product like Windex with ammonia D. Very popular and effective way is to clean the windows with vinegar and water. Every method is probably good if our windows look crystal-clear without streaks.

If we need to remove paint from the window it is better to use a sharp razor but we should be very careful not to scratch the glass. This method is very effective but a full attention is required. When the glass breaks and it is no way to replace it very quickly we can use the liquid glass to fill the gaps. It helps to keep all broken parts together.

The frosted glass door inside the house should to be cleaned with warm water and vinegar in proportion of 2:1 ( 2water : vinegar). Using a soft rag we wipe out the glass and immediately rinse and dry.

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